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jueves, 31 de mayo de 2012

Twenty... (fotografía de Sarah W.)

Sarah W.

A long long time ago,
there was a little princess;
that princess was very beautiful.

in this happy land, and in her own castle,
the little princess was very loved
because she was a very good person
and her soul was so clear and transparent.

once upon a time,
the little princess didn't find her horse.

(The horse was a tiny pony)...

So, her pretty pony
was called "twenty"
-'cause it was founded into the deep forest
near the castle-
and in this moment it wasn't there.

Then, it happened that the little princess
had a dream...
a dream (that she would wish become true):
the tiny pony was dissapeared
just for a while...
the precise moment when a light fell down 
from the blue sky.

the little princess to know it,
was so happy.

Her tiny pony... it was a bright star!!!

And since then...
she smiles satisfied forever
because this beautiful story
lives in the beloved pages
of the children's stories.

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