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viernes, 25 de enero de 2013

The one that I loved...

Taking the sea air

the mr. gnu

The one that I loved,
was the best thing in my life.

He used to be happy and grateful with everything;

he used to take the better way 
when it was a trouble or an obstacle.

The one that I loved

had the most beautiful smile
that I could be imagine.

when the night used to be and arrive to us,
his warm embrace
it was the only thing that I needed.

And night by night,
-time after time-
if I cried for something...
he used to kiss my wet eyes
and told sweet words to me. 

I'd rather not say the reasons
because they're unknown to me but,
the fact is that he's gone.

He's gone and forever...
and now,
 I'm here in front the sea view
waiting -maybe-
that he can come with the soft wind.

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