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miércoles, 9 de octubre de 2013

The last frontier...

The last frontier...
(Fotografía: Delia Hernández)

Silent mood.
Crossing lines in front of us;
nobody knows 
the real reason but...
in the best of the cases,
everyone of us
feel the same kind of thing,
the same kind of loneliness feeling
and, the same kind of fear.

we are nothing;
the last frontier
between the rational thinking
and the most of the emotional thoughts
is just here...
in front of us.

The meaning of that situation?
I don't know...
the last thing that I remember
is that when I waked up
and I was in that unknown place.

Do you know?...
The most beautiful blue
is the only one thing that I can remember...
just in the better of the cases,
my mind was beginning to desappear too,
such as my sensations
as my feelings into my heart beating yet.

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